Realizations on Art Inspirations

Color palettes come from different places/mindsets/happenings. I have been realizing lately that high contrasting, bright palette visuals have been running my work flow lately. And as I try to look in my brain to see why that might be all I see are care bears dancing and blabbing and working out care bear problems in Care-A-Lot.

My daughter Emilie’s go -to phrase is Cah-Bah which unfortunately derives from the words “Care Bear”. When she wants milk, she rips open the fridge door and shouts “Cae Bee” in a shrill shriek. When the phone rings, she runs to the ringer and yells “Kuh BUH” trying to emphasize how worried she is I might miss the call. My mom sewed a Care Bear rocking chair cushion for her chair and surprised Emilie on Christmas morning with it. This girl, it’s safe to say, loves some Cay-Baya.

I’ve been trying to mute my colors lately. I try to throw in a dash of muddy purple on that bright pink paint splotch. I map out deep scenes with deep emotions going on. And then a Kee-Beey back flips into the scene. And there’s this mess of bright turquoise, yellow, orange, you name the bloody bright color.

I’m bright right now, that’s all there is to it. What are your color palette inspirations?


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