Give Me A Nose to Offset This Whole Thing

 I took a pretty cool picture of a portrait in the works. I’m blogging that picture because I can’t let go of that once upon a time. That painted reality is long gone. For some unearthly reason I decided to paint a layer of oil over an outline that was not set in stone and one splotch led to another. My baby is now a vague jumble of Grandma, Bruce Willis, and angry baby. 

But it’s worth noting this royally screwed up …thing. It’s worth remembering the amazing thing that once was. Because now I can share that BEFORE you go in with a layer of oil on a two day deadline, you really should get your composition perfect. Kay? Kay. 

I got advice to forego looking at the image I was painting from. And also to soften the contrast on my daughter’s skin because babies don’t have deep set lines and wrinkles. We’ll see. Over and out. 


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