Illustrator’s Way to Earn Money From Home

Am I an artiste? The existential-crisis-slanted question sets in. Who the hell am I and what have I been DOING for the past few years? 

I guess I can’t speak for others because, well, maybe others really are artistes and never had to question and blah, blah, blah. But lately I’ve been questioning myself a lot. And it feels scarier than you’d imagine it would be when you’re full of the zest for life and love and art.

But that’s OK. It’s a great thing to question. But I really meant for this post to pose one answer to those questioning times. If you really can’t get out of the funk, what better way than to just create and make art?

Well, making art is hard when you realize your ideas are cliche and your compositions aren’t eye candy and your colors are all freaking muddy and you’ve got not one bone of endearing quality in you….

YES, true. But when you present yourself to people as a gift giver of their own ideas coming to life through you, things turn AWAY from you, your existential crisis and self-sabotaging brain…

So I was directed to a site called Fiverr by my cool, funky cousin. I made some gigs and present myself to the public, not as an artist, but as an illustrator (an artist in service to the public, as I see it) and it feels great to deliver. It’s really been a place to answer my Why, what, and what the hell questions about my career path that I’ve wanted since I can remember.

You create and polish a mini portfolio geared towards the subject that you are trying to sell your service for, set the prices (starting at $5 with basic sketches and outlines, and range to higher prices for more involved work like finished illustrations). Aside from bringing your art to exhibitions, art shows, art magazines, etc. (which is the optimal thing for artists to do for honest critique on their work), it’s been a convenient way while going to school to sell art to clients who need it.


Anyway, this ended up being a walking-talking rant/whining/advertisement but I just wanted to share something I’ve done that has helped my art in times when it needs that boost.

Cheers, Over and Out


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