A Bit About the Artist…


Hello, I’m ┬áJen Wolfgang, an artist currently working and residing in my good old hometown of Plymouth, Ma. I work as a freelance illustrator and that line of work inspires most of my personal art as well. I began drawing many years ago but I think the birth of my daughter Emilie really cemented my need to create a career around something I loved so much.

I really wanted to be true to myself and to Emilie ever since I learned that I was pregnant with her in 2014. So I picked up my drive to create and learn through schooling at Bridgewater State University, majoring in Painting. Creation thrives through many outlets and the paint at BSU has been enticing these past few years. More and more I find myself finishing illustrations with watercolor, a light and loose existence for the finished product.

I’ve been working on various children’s books with authors (soon-to-be published “In Search of Magic Powers” book series written by Niamh Clune) personal books and books to sell. I also create custom illustrations for tshirt design, cd covers, and personal wall art. For more insight into my creative process, you can visit my Facebook Business Page : https://www.facebook.com/jwolfgangillustrations/ or my Instagram Art page: @_jmwolf_ .

My illustrations have been created to give people a feel of wild imagination tempered with comfort. Intense colors balanced with animals calmed down in their own zen worlds. And I think the world may need more zen.img_3691